Reference guide



_connectionInfo Returns information about connection (for debugging)
_createCarRentalOrder Create car rental order.

- The car rental settings are ignored.

Car rental
- The user…
_delBookPurposeSett2 The function delete trip purpose. The function is available for SŽDC customer only.
_getBookPurposesInfo The function returns purposes list of the company.
_getLandCropInfo This function returns all crops that are registered in the selected agricultural area at the…
_getMessFile function returns the contents of the file (The file is from communication with the driver)
_getMEXTData The function returns data for the specified vehicles
_getPerfectDriveReport The Api function returns the driver's rating for a given period (all vehicles or selected)
_getRouteState This function returns transport status
_login Function for verifying login credentials.
_setCarRentalKeyManager Key manager for car rental.
_updateCarRentalOrder Update car rental order.