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PRYTANIS is a complex ERP information system developed specially for transport, haulier, logistic and service companies. 

Basic characteristics:

  • Automatic synchronization of vehicle and driver lists between the two systems
  • Transfer of the order, including the route, to the terminal WD FLEET in the vehicle
  • Update of changed orders (route, dates, assigned vehicle…)
  • Automatic import of data on the current position, vehicle status, refueling and activities entered by the driver into the PRYTANIS Dispatch screen
  • Display of imported data on a map base
  • Possibility of generating and sending alerts in case of non-standard conditions (eg vehicle runs without an order, sudden decrease of fuel in the tank…)
  • Generation of routes to PRYTANIS, including documents for calculating the salary of drivers
  • Creating documents for billing foreign trips


Webdispatching offers clients carrying explosives the ability to comply with the statutory duty, which states that they are obliged to allow the Czech Police to monitor the transport of explosives in the prescribed manner.

More information about system TranV

Multi Interface - Transport Manager

Multi-interface is a communication protocol that enables the connection of the GPS monitoring systems with the Transport Manager logistics system. The TM system is designed for logistics centers and allows comprehensive management, monitoring and control of shipments. All vehicles are assigned to the carriage and information on the current state and position of the vehicle is sent during the transport.
The protocol uses standard XML, the data are secured by SSH during transmission.

At this point, data are provided to the following logistics centers:

  • DHL CZ
  • DHL SK
  • Gebrüder Weiss

Fleetfance by Omnitracs

Fleetfance by Omnitracs is a communications protocol that enables the connection of GPS monitoring systems with the Omnitracs logistics system. Data about the current status and the position of vehicles involved in the carriage are transferred to the Omnitracs system.

The data are transmitted by http protocol and secured by SSL.


TimoCom is a route planner with an integrated vehicle tracking feature. The route planner chooses from cargos and free vehicles and directly finds out the route to desired destination. At the same time, it can calculate the direct and indirect costs of the route.

More  information about the TimoCom planner


The DOPRAVA 3K program includes the subsystem Communication with other subjects. Within this subsystem, you can very effectively link the DOPRAVA 3K  software with WEBDISPEČINK application.

Basic characteristics:

  • generating traffic records
  • driver's journey (driver's working time report)
  • border crossings (travel compensation calculation)
  • record of fuel (cost of fuel, consumption)
  • sources for drivers' wages (wage costs)
  • mileage and other indicators (record of vehicle, driver and other statistics)
  • dispatcher's communication with vehicle crew
  • sources for navigation
  • information about orders i.e. loading/unloading
  • information about goods and others


  • reduction of data duplication
  • considerable time savings when processing the information
  • increased accuracy of information
  • increased return of investments
  • integration of external solutions into the system, data interface compatibility
  • increased efficiency of SW utilization



The HELIOS ORANGE information system can be linked up with the WEBDISPEČINK system. This reduces the administrative costs and also considerable amount of the administrative costs. All data are entered only once and no repetive rewriting is needed. Opportunity of long-term archiving of traffic data and display of any reports in Helios Orange or its web portal.

Double-sided data transfer between systems.

Import of data from Webdispatching into Helios

  • Generating of vehicle travel records and its sections.
  • Generating of travel refunds
  • Comparing of fuel consumption with accounting documents
  • Transmission of payroll documents

Export data from Helios to Webdispatching

  • Export of consignments including loading, unloading
  • Transferring of information about changing the assigned vehicle
  • Sending a consignments including a command to send GPS coordinates to the driver



AC TRANSPORT is an information system for transport, forwarding and logistics. The linking of the AC TRANSPORT system created on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform with the WEBDISPEČINK monitoring system, including the WD FLEET mobile applications, is already being used by several companies.

It is used for:

  • transfer of routes to the driver
  • collection of route information
  • materials for the electronic vehicle operation record



SPED is designed to support the management and processing of transport companies' agenda. Connecting to the Webdispečink monitoring system allows to create a fully automated dispatching workplace. The interconnection can be implemented at two different levels.

The "Basic" link allows to get automatically obtained a vehicle information such as tachometer status, fuel level, border crossing, driver list.
The "Advance" link allows to automatically send a structured instructions to a car's console.
The automatic gathering of transport information is enhanced by more detailed information from the driver. This will create a complete electronic vehicle operation record, which is the base for evaluating the cost of transport, the profitability of transport and the creation of statistical reports.



Data entry (import) from the Webdispatching into the Softip Profit Transport (R_DOP) is done manually at operator input via our Traffic application from the Evidence / GPS (Records of GPS). This is a one-sided synchronization, ie the IS SOFTIP PROFIT does not record data into GPS about transferred data.

Before transferring records to the IS PROFIT, the records are locked by the responsible dispatcher manually. Such records will no longer be able to be edited in Webdispečink, they will be ready to be transferred to the IS PROFIT.
Importing data from Webdispečink can be done manually for all vehicles that have a registered unit number in  list of vehicles and for the month that is closest to the end of the monthly balancing .
It is possible from imported GPS records generate the first and second pages of Daily Vehicle Records . It is also possible to check or compare Daily Vehicle Records with GPS records.



The agronomist will get a comprehensive overview of the parcel of land from the plant production view.

Link functions

  • vehicle position, speed and route, PHM, driver identification, identification of a trailer.

The purpose of the link

  • displaying of data from the Webdispatching in the Aurus Agro
  • an agronomist will get an overview of the position / movement of machines in the field
  • an overview of parcel activities for goal fulfillment and planning for further actions (viewing routes over the LPIS layer)
  • generating of work operations based on the identification of trailers or machines themselves
  • a quality control of working operations (setting of speed limits)
  • a possibility of generating the crossings with use of LPIS (work on a parcel, work outside of parcel, crossings, idle time)
  • a possibility of remuneration and rewards for employees (book of drives - drivers)
  • finding the effective use of machines (book of drives - vehicle)



At this time, linking the Webdispečink and AZ.PRO is done on the level of reading the list of journeys (first and last date + time, state, location, and mileage). Additionally, a border crossing table is loaded. These records are displayed to the user who enters the appropriate start and end of the transport and gives the instructions to automatically create the vehicle operation record.

From the imported data are filled in information about the driving times, drivers, kilometers and border crossings from which it calculates the travel expenses.