(API version 2.0)

int _updateUser ( string kodf , string username , string pass , WDS_UserItem UserItem )


The function updates the user (Except for changes to usernames, passwords, groups and vehicle rights).



string kodf
Company code
string username
Login username
string pass
Login password
WDS_UserItem UserItem
Object with data - identical to what the getUsers function returns

Return value



API version 2.0

$client = new SoapClient('https://api.webdispecink.cz/code/WebDispecinkServiceNet.php?wsdl');
$return = $client->_updateUser($kodf, $username, $pass, $UserItem);


To test the function, enter parameters in form below and press Try it out button.

Company code
Login username
Login password
WDS_UserItem UserItem
ID User
unique User name
The user must change the password when logging in for the first time
0 - admin
1 - user
2 - demo
Valid from
Valid until - Empty is still valid
Group rights
Vehicle rights - reading
Vehicle rights - writing
email adress
Personal code
The right to send SMS
Maximum number of SMS per calendar month
Page limit
Car rental administrator
Show log book 0 / 1
show odometer 0 / 1
Show map 0 / 1
Complete editing of the log book
log book - Editing Driver
log book - Purpose editing
log book - Editing purpose only by selecting from combobox
log book- Edit driving type (private / business)
log book - From private to business
log book - from business to private
log book -Edit the actual odometer
log book - Editing a note
log book - Editing company information
log book - Allow inserting new rides
log book - Allow inserting new business route
log book - Allow inserting private route
log book - Allow connect route
log book - Allow deleting rides
Editing Driver
Editing the appearance of the vehicle
log book - Editing the appearance of a driving book for vehicles with write rights
log book - Edit cargo and fuel cards
Log Book - Edit costs only by hand
Show private route
Object with data - identical to what the getUsers function returns

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