(API version 2.0)

WDS_TachographDriverItem _getTachographDriver ( string kodf , string username , string pass , int iddriver )


The function returns data on meeting standards for Aetr from digital tachograph data



string kodf
Company login code
string username
Login username
string pass
Login password
int iddriver
driver ID

Return value

  • int IdDriver
  • long WeekTimeDriving
  • long BiweekTimeDriving
  • string WeekStarted
  • long WeekDriveTimeRemain
  • int WeekDaysDriven
  • long LastWeekRest
  • string NextRest
  • long RestOwed
  • long RestOwedAlignTo
  • int CurrentStatus
  • long CurrentStatusTime
  • long DayTimeDriving
  • long TimeRemaining9h
  • long TimeRemaining10h
  • int WeekShortBreak
  • int WeekLongDrive
  • string WeekRestStart
  • int WeekCanDrive
  • string TwoWeekRestStart
  • int TwoWeekCanDrive


API version 2.0

$client = new SoapClient('https://api.webdispecink.cz/code/WebDispecinkServiceNet.php?wsdl');
$return = $client->_getTachographDriver($kodf, $username, $pass, $iddriver);


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driver ID

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