(API version 2.0)

WDS_SpreadUniCls[] _getSpreadUniCls ( string kodf , string username , string pass , string od , string do , int idcar )


Function returns Spreading extension statistics UNI by class.
Maximum date range is 1 month, but less is recommended.



string kodf
company code
string username
user name
string pass
string od
date from [d.m.Y H:m]
string do
date to [d.m.Y H:m]
int idcar
unique car ID

Return value

  • WDS_SpreadUniCls
    • int Route_class

      Road class

    • string Route_num

      Road number

    • float Dist1

      Snow ploughs [km]

    • int Dur1

      Snow ploughs [s]

    • float Dist2

      Snow ploughs + chemical spread [km]

    • int Dur2

      Snow ploughs + chemical spread [s]

    • float Dist3

      Snow ploughs + inert spread [km]

    • int Dur3

      Snow ploughs + inert spread [s]

    • float Dist4

      Control ride [km]

    • float BrineL

      Brine total [l]

    • float SaltKm

      Brine total + Salt [km]

    • float SaltT

      Salt total [t]

    • float InertKm

      Total inert spread [km]

    • float InertT

      Total inert spread [t]

    • float Dist5

      Ride other [km]

    • int Dur5

      Ride other [s]

    • float Dist6

      Ride total [km]

    • int Dur6

      Ride total [s]

    • int Dur4

      Control Ride [s]

    • int PourDur

      Pour on the place - Duration [s]

    • float PourBrineL

      Pour on the place - Brine [l]

    • float PourSaltT

      Pour on the place - Salt [t]

    • float PourInertT

      Pour on the place - Inert[t]

    • float NoPlowSaltKm

      Brine + Salt without snow ploughs [km]

    • float NoPlowBrineL

      Brine + Salt without snow ploughs - brine [l]

    • float NoPlowSaltT

      Brine + Salt without snow ploughs - salt [t]

    • float NoPlowInertKm

      Innert without snow ploughs - spread [km]

    • float NoPlowInertT

      Innert without snow ploughs - inert [t]


API version 2.0

$client = new SoapClient('https://api.webdispecink.cz/code/WebDispecinkServiceNet.php?wsdl');
$return = $client->_getSpreadUniCls($kodf, $username, $pass, $od, $do, $idcar);


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