(API version 2.0)

WDS_CarOptimalItem[] _getOptimalCarsList ( string kodf , string username , string pass )


The function returns a list of all vehicles with optimization enabled, which corresponds to the rights of the logged-on user



string kodf
Company code
string username
Login username
string pass
Login password

Return value

  • WDS_CarOptimalItem
    • int cargroupid

      Group ID in the system. The vehicle may be included into group.

    • int carid

      Vehicle ID in the system

    • string identifikator

      Vehicle registration number

    • string driver

      Default driver. If not filled in, the value is empty.

    • string mobil

      Telephone number to communicate with the vehicle. This value is used if the vehicle is equipped with a telephone for SMS communication.

    • int userrights
    • int type
    • int online
    • int disabled
    • string alarmsms

      Phone number for sending alarms.

    • int iddriver

      Default driver ID. If is not filled default driver, the value is empty.

    • int capacitykg

      Vehicle load in kilograms.

    • float capacitym3

      Car volume in cubic meters.


API version 2.0

$client = new SoapClient('https://api.webdispecink.cz/code/WebDispecinkServiceNet.php?wsdl');
$return = $client->_getOptimalCarsList($kodf, $username, $pass);


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